Tribal Air

Outdoor Air Quality

Morongo’s Air Monitoring Station measures the amount of particulate matter and ozone in the air. These two pollutants are known by the EPA to cause discomfort and damage to lungs. The Tribal Air Program will issue alerts to Tribal Members on our Member’s webpage if air quality becomes unhealthy. The Morongo Air Program also administers the Title V Permit that allows the Casino’s Cogeneration Facility to be incompliance by EPA standards. This relationship allows the Tribe, not an outside agency, to monitor the emissions of the Cogeneration Facility so that it runs efficiently and cleanly. The Tribal Air Program is working with the Public Works and Transportation department to “Green the Fleet.” This means breathing in less soot, and complying with some of the toughest pollution regulations in the country.

Indoor Air Quality

The Tribal Air Program also wishes for the Morongo Community to breathe easier indoors. There are several workshops throughout the year that give Tribal Members the opportunity to learn more about healthy indoor air quality. The Tribal Air Program has also teamed up with the Little Creators Preschool and Public Works to implement the “Tools for Schools Program” This will assure that the students will be learning in a healthy environment.